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The year was 1985. My mother was finishing my hair for another dance recital. Engulfed in a cloud of Aquanet, my father appeared before me with this large device on his shoulder called a 'VIDEO CAMERA'. He said he was "recording", so that people could see me. Confused, I queried, "Are there people in there?"
I was fascinated, and inspired by the concept. From then on, whenever a camera pointed in my direction, it was time to perform.

2010 - present

2010 - present

In 2003 I found myself in an improvisation group with some amazing, talented professional actors. Our mentor was Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin, and studying with him was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Inspired, I went on to study with one of the best acting teachers in NYC, Bill Esper. A few months later, I booked my first big role, the lead in the Feature Film "The Wreck." It shot outside, in December, low-budget, rough - and I LOVED IT!


So what do I do when I'm not acting?


I'm also a screenwriter,  (Fantasy/Horror/Comedy) and I get to be a part of an amazing weekly Writer's Group. I also bake cupcakes (and love to eat them too.) Other activities include hot yoga, meditation, healing work, playing with my growing collection of Fountain Pens, and lastly, when I want to get happy, I dance around my apartment to Christmas music. And let's not forget family. I'm big on family. I'm newly married, and dedicate time to this new relationship, and make sure to spend time with my wonderful parents, siblings, and three adorable nephews. 


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