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November 22, 2015

I just wrapped the lead in a short film by writer/director Melanie Keating, entitled "Bloody Mary." Lovely cast and crew, and I got to play a sad, slightly weird woman; one of my favorites!

I'm Engaged!

August 15, 2015

Today, Jeremy asked me to marry him; right in my parents backyard. He had a beautiful diamond with a band of pink sapphire, as we were surrounded by our loved ones. My sister was in on it and able to capture the moment on camera. And while I thought I'd be sobbing at the proposal, a moment I'd fantasized about with tears in my eyes, in real life I was in complete shock. My mind was racing, "Is this happening? Is this happening right now? Oh God, there's photos. I don't look good right now. I have glasses on. I should take them off. I wish I wore something better. I should be crying." I was able to muster an "uh huh" as I gracefully spit on my chin. Life is certainly not like the movies.

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