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Director, Writer, Producer

"Judy Maier is everything a director would want in an actor. She takes the work seriously and has a true passion for each phase of the filmmaking process. As a result of her diligent preparation, she is able to truly transform into her character. Directing Judy on film was a treat as she was able to provide me with a vast variety of performance moments to work with in the edit. She took direction extremely well and was able to fulfill my vision, usually on the first take. With an exceptional grasp of her skills and tools as an actor, Judy colors her performance with subtly unique traits that really bring the character to life."


Director, Writer of "Home Free"

"I just worked with Judy Maier on a short dramatic film. She is an amazing actress and great on the set. She brought a difficult role to life and beautifully lifted the character off the page. I Can’t say enough about her talent and willingness to go the extra inch, mile or alternate line.I’m looking forward to working with her again."

Director of "Song of Solomon"

"I couldn't have asked for more from Judy In Song of Solomon, in which she plays an acid-tongued, obstructionist attorney, the perfect foil to her world-weary counterpart. As delivered by Judy, the words in the script flew off the page, as her rendition exquisitely blended aggression, humor and just the right tincture of vulnerability. There was another critical element to Judy's performance - and I can't emphasize this strongly enough - which was her ability to build genuine character-to-character connections, which brought out the best in each other cast member and in the ensemble and production as a whole."

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